Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-Factor Authentication can prevent up to 99.9% of attacks on your website's accounts. Using MFA is smart—and finally, with Swoop, it's easy for everyone.

MFA doesn't need to be another friction point in the authentication process. All too often MFA is bolted on top of an existing username and password strategy, which we all know is painful enough as is. Add a second factor on top of that, and your users are really feeling the pain.

With Swoop, MFA is a breeze. After a quick setup leading into a One-Click experience, your users will be presented with one of Swoop's user-friendly 2nd factor options. Combining password-free authentication with a 2nd factor creates a rock-solid security policy that your users will be more than happy to comply with.

Swoop offers a couple of MFA options as noted below (with more to come!).

  • SMS
  • Pin Pad
  • TOTP (coming soon)
  • Emoji (coming soon)

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