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Get Started    

Getting started with Swoop only requires 3 lines of Javascript. This guide will show you how to hook up Swoop Authentication to any button on your site.

1. Add the Swoop JS to your page's head

<script src="[email protected]/dist/swoop.js"></script>

2. Initialize Swoop With Your Client ID

Make sure you have registered for a new App in the Swoop Dashboard

  let swoop = new Swoop("swoop_4wtjd4k7nljf30");

3. Create an Authentication Function

    const authenticate = async () => {
    let user = await;
    // user.id_token
    // user.user_meta
    // Send user.id_token to your backend to complete authentication and log the user in

4. Call The Authentication Function

<button onclick="authenticate()">Login</button>

And that's it! Your users are now entered into a Password-Free Paradise.


Security Note

Once the user is authenticated, you should send the user.id_token to your server to be verified with your CLIENT SECRET to ensure the token is valid.

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